We are strongly involved with fundraising for charities at The Fat Pug.  We've dedicated this page to keep you updated - check out more info below, and why not click on their logos to find out more about their work.

Charity of the year

Our charity of the year this year is:


Epilepsy Action is the UK’s leading epilepsy organisation and exists to improve the lives of everyone affected by the condition. As a member-led association, we are led by and represent people with epilepsy, their friends, families and healthcare professionals. Epilepsy can affect anyone at any age and from any walk of life, and globally over 50 million people have the condition. Epilepsy Action is here to support people every step of the way through living with the condition.

Pug pubs founder and director Nigel Pinegar is on a mission to raise £2,000 for Epilepsy Action.


Last year my Brother ran the London Marathon for Epilepsy Action in order to raise awareness for this illness after his Son had been suffering and was diagnosed with Epilepsy a few years ago.

Once the aches & pains of the marathon had subsided, he convinced me to complete an application form for 2014 with him and then I think he got worried about keeping up with me and pulled out.... (he would have been miles ahead of me anyway)! So I am running solo but as part of my training he is joining me next week for a 20 mile stint albeit that he is on his bike with a stick!

His son & my nephew Freddy is 8 years old and is a very active and fit boy with loads of energy. He is a fantastic footballer, loves his swimming and has coped amazingly well with his Epilepsy despite the difficult side effects of the medication.

I have done a few half marathons but have never been temped with a full marathon before (I guess I never get to the end of a half marathon and think, that was good I could run that!) So for what I think may be my 1st and last marathon, I am training to hopefully complete it in 4.5 hours but honestly, I am really looking forward to the atmosphere and will just enjoy the day regardless of my time.

I would love to raise £2,000 for Epilepsy action and would really appreciate your support by making a donation via my page